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Narva with kids

Narva is a wonderful family vacation destination!


All year round young visitors are welcomed to the new interactive exposition in Narva Museum. On this exciting journey through centuries they can not only listen and watch, but also touch and play! In summer, children can do handicrafts in the Northern Yard and in winter they can enjoy the magic and cozy Christmas atmosphere of the old caste with its legends and secrets.


Victoria Bastion’s guides will tell brave kids their thrilling stories. Families can take part in different theme programmes and room escape games.


In shopping centres Astri and Fama there are play areas, where children can have fun while their parents are shopping. In Astri besides the play area, there is Apollo Cinema with three screens, a planetaarium with 6D attractions, Bombey bowling with aerohockey and other game machines, as well as the shopping centre scavenger hunt AS-3. Those who are into this kind of activities will explore the city’s history in a fun way playing outdoor scavenger hunts: The Narva Ring and Juri von Kaufmann’s adventures in Narva. You are surely going to have fun and learn a lot!


In Lazerzone Centre the whole family can try to escape a maze, play a scavenger hunt or lazer tag or climb an interactive wall. In the building across the street there is a multimeedia centre OBJEKT where you can try virtual reality games. If you prefer actual reality experience go skating to the Ice Hall. Younger kids can see a theatre play performed by Ilmarine theatre, whereas those who are a little older can go to the theatre centre Vaba Lava. Find more events for a whole family HERE


If the weather is good enough to spend time outdoors go for a walk along the marvelous river promenade up to the beach building in Joaorg and rent a bicycle. There are two- and three-wheel bicycles and scooters for everyone regardless the age and of course the protective gear. Then you can ride to EV100 Park where you will find a large playground. The other biggest childrens` playgrounds can be found on an interactive map. Or head to the recreation and sports area in Äkkeküla where parents can exercise in the outdoor gym while their kids are playing on the playground equipped with adventure elements. After that, you can play paintball or just take a nice walk along the nature trails or enjoy a picnic in the specially equipped area.


If you prefer to have a snack or a proper meal in a cafe or a restaurant it is easier to find something tasty for the little ones somewhere a children’s menu is available:

Restaurant M. Chagall

Restaurant Narva Pärl

Restaurant Old Trafford

Restaurant Sushi King

Cafe Antalya Kebab House

Sushi bar Crisis

Cafe Narva Diner (shopping centre Astri)


Your kids will not get bored in a play room in restaurant Salvador or Cafe Classic.


Bistros are always good places for a quick meal:

Petchki Lavotchki (shopping centre Fama)

Astri Buffet (shopping centre Astri)



Hesburger (shopping centre Fama)

KFC (shopping centre Fama)


For desserts go to Parisienne Chocolaterie (shopping centre Fama) or Bubble Jo (shopping centre Fama).


Narva’s young friends are always welcome to the exciting and and yummy Narva!

Last updated: 21.11.2023

By Maila Meldre
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