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Romantic Narva

What is a romantic holiday for you? Is it an adventure and an adrenaline rush or relaxation and solitude?

If you want to spend the weekend together in an active mode, go with your significat other to Victoria bastion casemates and walk along its mistic and facinating underground passages. They have been keeping their secrets throughout centuries and you might even meet their inhabitants – bats!


Once you have stepped down to the marvelous River promenade and reached the beach building in Joaorg, you can rent a tandem to ride together. Head to the locations with a beautiful view, for example to the Swedish Lion Monument with its famous view of the two fortresses. There is another great view platfom in Alexander Church where you can also watch the installation which is displayed on the church vaults. In the Narva Castle you will enjoy the view of Narva and Ivangorod and learn about the lifestyle of the knights, who used to live in the castle. In the restaurant Rondeel you can have a medieval style meal and in the summer you can visit the Northern Yard with its craftsmen shops. There is a local tradition for newlyweds to add their leaf to the Wedding Tree on their special day. This unusual tree is right next to the castle.


Drive or ride a bicycle to Kulgu harbour on Narva Water Reservoir to spend a peaceful evening together and enjoy the most beautiful sunsets.


Sea lovers will surely appreciate a voyage from Narva to Narva-Jõesuu on board Kaira or Tütarsaare Aino ships. In the resort town of Narva-Jõesuu you can have dinner in restaurant Meretare right on the coast or on the 11th floor of SPA Hotel Meresuu. If you just want to have a cup of coffee with the most delicious home-like pastry head to cafe Albatross, which hides among the pinetrees right next to the beach. Once you enter Narva-Jõesuu you will find Restaurant Franzia, which is absolutely worth going to, as it is among Estonia’s best restaurants according to White Guide Nordic 2021, as well as Restaurant Rondeel in the Narva Castle, where you can have a nice meal when you are back to Narva after the river cruise.


If the weather allows you can not only have an ejoyable time for the two of you, but also explore the city’s history while playing outdoor scavenger hunts: The Narva Ring and Juri von Kaufmann’s adventures in Narva. But bad weather should not stop adventure lovers anyway because there are indoor escape rooms too.


Have a rest after your exciting day in one of the city’s hotels.


For more information about what to see in Narva go to See&Do

Last updated: 05.09.2022

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