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Linnamäng „Ajakapsel Noorus“ Narva-Jõesuus

In the XX century there was a youth recreation centre Noorus located here instead of the SPA Hotel Noorus. The talented physicists who stayed here discovered a way to travel through the time and hid the secret of the invention somewhere around. Can you find a scientific treasure from the past and use it? The game is held on the open air with the help of the mobile application and takes about 2 hours. You have to have a charged mobile telephone Android/iOS with you. Start point - Noorus SPA Hotel, Narva-Jõesuu

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Features and amenities

Languages spoken




Number of participants

Minimum number of participants 4

Maximum number of participants 1

Further information

Duration (hours) 1

Duration (hours) 3


Suitable for children

Wheelchair accessible

Free parking


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