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TASUTA Kreenholmi piirkonna audiotuur

Did you know that Kreenholm manufactory, built in the 19th century on the island of the Narva River, was the largest in Europe at the time of its foundation? Or that the manufactory, together with the residential and facility buildings surrounding it, formed a whole city within a city?! There was practically everything that the workers of Kreenholm needed: a maternity hospital, a kindergarten, a school, a hospital, a post office, police, a prison, a telegraph office, a hairdresser, a club, a bathhouse, a market, a bakehouse, a wash-house and a mortuary, as well as two large churches."People who go to see Krenholm definitely want to visit the factory grounds. Now it is a closed area, where you can get only with a guided tour. In fact, Kreenholm is not only factories, but also other equally interesting buildings and objects. My favorite places in Kreenholm are the hospital building and the so-called garbage furnace, although garbage was never burned there! ", says Katri Raik, historian, author of the texts of the new free Kreenholm route for self-guided walking tour. To complete the route: - open the website - go to OBJECTS and choose any item from the list of OBJECTS and come up to see it - turn on the audio guide and enjoy the amazing stories of Kreenholm residents!

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